Saturday, 18 October 2014

Book Review: Pretty Honest

The long-awaited beauty bible from the Guardian's in-house beauty writer Sali Hughes has finally landed and has already received masses of praise from its readers. And deservedly so. This satisfyingly heavy tome is comprised of several essays on different topics related to beauty: brows, red lipstick, skincare, nail painting... you name it, Sali's covered it. The essay format of the book lends itself well to  being a reference book you can keep coming back to when beauty issues arise. That said, Sali's witty, frank, no-nonsense style of writing becomes addictive and so I all but devoured my copy in one sitting while my uni reading sat neglected on my desk.

I think this book would be appropriate for beauty aficionados and novices alike as it covers basics such as skincare and foundation but also contains the more nitty-gritty scientific information about products that we hardened beauty addicts crave. It also caters to both young and old audiences with chapters on anti-ageing and teen beauty - there really is something for everyone who has even the slightest interest in beauty. She recommends products for all budgets so those of us who need to save cash need not feel guilty for spending money on beauty fodder - I love this as I think so many women can be conned into buying unnecessarily pricey products when there are so many great budget options on the market. Sali has also written chapters on less common beauty topics such as the benefits of beauty and self-indulgence during pregnancy and illness which I'm certain will be poignant for many women who have been through either or both.

Although Pretty Honest will eventually be available in paperback, I think the hardback copy is worth buying because it looks and feels beautiful and will be something you will want to refer to for years to come. It would also make a lovely Christmas present for any girls in your life who are interested in beauty or just don't know where to start with it.

You can find the hardback copy of the book here.


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