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Hello. I'm Louisa and I'm a second year Comparative Literature student, originally from Warwickshire but currently based in London for university. I'm a keen reader and theatre goer so I wanted to be able to share my views on stuff in a totally non-academic setting, so Literary London will mostly be reviews on the books I've been reading, either for uni or for pleasure, and shows I've seen recently. In terms of genres that I like, I'm generally into modern classics (The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird are my all-time favourite books and I love Virginia Woolf), early modern Shakespeare-y stuff, classic children's literature and more contemporary fiction, but I read a really wide variety of texts on my course so there will be a little bit of everything on here. I'm not that into crime, sci-fi or fantasy, but there are always exceptions to the rule.
If you want to say hello, it's probably best to do it via my Twitter as I'm always checking my phone - mostly when I'm in the library and procrastinating from reading - or email me at literary-london@outlook.com.

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